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  •   ‘Business Execution Plan for an upcoming brand in FMCG’ – Project included detailed Business Plan with market research, financial projections, cash flow statements and exit strategy. The company operates in ‘Health & Wellness – F&B’ sector.

      ‘Market Entry Strategy’ – Market research followed by planning and execution of the market entry strategy for a Mexican/Californian company to get in to Indian market through distribution partners.

      ‘Strategy planning and financial restructuring for a Pharma Company’ – We are helping a start-up company in ‘Dermatology’ sector to plan their long term strategy, restructure their financials and raise funds against equity.

      ‘Business plan to start e-commerce vertical’ for the leading manufacturer and exporter of high quality linen in India, to target North American market. The company has advantage of supplying ‘quality products for affordable prices’ in the target market.

      ‘Attracting investment through business plan’ to boost sales, marketing and manufacturing. This client is one of the new entrants in the packaged water industry in India. The packaged water industry in India is set to hit USD 3 billion by 2015.

      ‘Business plans for share holders’ for a digital publishing company which is planning to expand in to educational ‘E-Reader’ APP through mobile platform. This is one of its kind concepts in the education sector in India.

     A distributor for the Swiss & USA luxury watches company was interested in increasing revenue through traditional retailers such as ‘mom and pop’ stores. This distributor already had a presence in shopping malls and ‘shop in the shop’ stores in all metro cities. We designed an innovative marketing and distribution strategy after analysing the market through market research in luxury goods segment. The current Indian market is believed to be between USD 200-400 million.

     A leading company from the broadcasting industry in India wanted to transform its looks and invent a new marketing strategy for itself. We achieved it by not only designing brand-new logo and website, but also by creating a state-of-the-art digital marketing plan.

     Our partner consulting firm based out of San Diego, U.S.A. wanted to identify key business industries to enter in the Indian market. We crafted a detailed market report through detailed research and analysis of the current Indian market. We also identified strategic opportunities to enter the market. In this report, we covered industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Tourism, Hospitality, Food Processing, Power, Infrastructure, Auto, Management Education and Luxury Goods.

     A market leader from the alcoholic beverage industry, which had also diversified its business in hospitality, was struggling for growth in one of the business’s verticals. After doing some analysis, we found that the requirement was not only to generate more business but also to add value to the organization. We offered the ‘partnering’ option with one of the biggest players in the industry and developed a detailed business plan. This plan would generate thirty percent (30%) more revenue in three years than the expected revenue with the current growth rate.

     An emerging camera accessories manufacturer from Los Angeles, U.S.A., was interested in penetrating the Indian market. We conducted a short market research as a part of an ‘India Market Entry’ strategy for them. The research found out that, even though the Indian camera market is anticipated to grow USD 3 Billion by 2017, the company’s camera accessories distributors are not organized in India!

     A company with a unique concept in India wanted our help to take its concept nationwide. By using a franchise module, we created and initiated a business plan for this client. If executed right, this plan has the potential to increase the top line by 100% within three (3) years and 250% by the end of five (5) years.

     One of the unorganised sectors in Indian metro cities has a huge business potential for the next decade. We identified this potential by doing market research specifically related to that sector. The opportunity is mainly due to a demand-supply gap and lack of direct competition in the market. We have also planned strategy & execution for this business idea. Part of the strategy was social marketing to generate market traction. Right now this idea seeks early stage investment to kick start its operations.

     The mobile application (app) market is booming more than ever before. We are conceptualizing on the idea to make an app, which not only will help people save money but also reduce the carbon emission. We did everything from market research to app designing and state-of-the-art technology. The key to success would be to market it innovatively, mainly through digital media.

     A client from the logistics industry, based in Maryland, U.S.A, wanted to capitalize on one of the business verticals. We did extensive market research and successfully achieved the deliverables by developing a business plan that also included a marketing and execution strategy.

     We helped an audiobook app company from Germany recreate its marketing and communications strategy in order to convince an investing/distributor partner to distribute the app company’s content in a niche market that the partner operates.